Why do I love my media?

Why do I love my media? 

That’s not the easiest question to answer. I don’t even know how much do I love my media. They are useful, of course, and today they play such an important role in our life that we can’t say we don’t love them. We can do everything we want just using a little device, at any time, in any place.

We need them and we love them. 

I personally love my media because all the opportunity they offer me but I think now it is too much. The role media played in my life in the last two months was literally too much. I use media for the university, keep in touch with family and friends back in Italy, listen to music, watch Serie A and Champions League, working for the online newspaper I work with and so many other things.

Apart from this, I think today media are too present in my life. Sometimes I just would like to spend the whole day with friends without any device but it is almost impossible.

Federico Bompieri

Student Number: 13834258


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