Do I Love Media? It’s complicated.

These days I’m not really sure how to describe my relationship with Media. She and I have a complicated past.

Yes, I said she. I just have this strong belief that Media is too complex to be a man, but that is just my opinion. One day we laugh together and it can be one of the best days of my life. I share everything with her and tell her how my day has been. She will approach me with a warm smile and tell me how amazing that is and how happy she is for me. I’ve started to realise that Media is actually really good to me when I feel good, she gives me this extra boost of confidence almost nobody else could give me. You could say that she is my happy place, she is someone I go to when I want to feel some additional love.

 On the other hand, I have had really bad days with Media too, sometimes it’s just thunder and rain, everything comes pouring down at once and with plentiful anger. “I hate you! I never want you in my life again!” I’ve told her that many times. She seems to understand, but somehow she always comes back and tells me how much I miss her. 

So yes I would say our relationship is complicated. But the most important thing is that we try to keep it healthy and balanced. Even though I love Media and she brings me a lot of joy when I spend time with her, I also need to remember that she is not always good for me and that our space and distance from each other is equally as important.

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