Why do I love media?

Love is a really strong word for me. It’s not very often when I can say that I LOVE something, but if I feel it, I don’t need a strong reason for that, I can do it unconditionally, accepting good and bad sides. The same for me is with media. I feel like it fills my life up with so many beautiful things, that I didn’t realise before.

This year is pretty challenging for me, I had to leave my family and friends and move to Amsterdam and I feel really homesick and lonely sometimes. However, I am thankful that I can stay in touch with my close friends, and I couldn’t do it without media. I am aware of their news, their feelings so I can be a little closer to them.

Media is a great tool to make your dreams come true. Nowadays, people can’t even imagine the power they hold. They have endless count of opportunities because of media. People can explore everything with media, and I don’t mean only the world outside, They can find out many different things about themselves too, searching and defining their personality. People find new hobbies and interests and have loads of information about them and keep in touch with like-minded people. For example, recently I found out that I really enjoy Russian movies that were filmed in the time of “perestroika”(aesthetic and plots are just immaculate). I would never found out it or even seen a single film if media didn’t exist. Most of my life is media and I feel like I am a part of it. I love life and living, so I can’t deny my love to media and I hope that this feeling is mutual.

For me, media helps people to be in touch with their feelings, love and explore things that are new to them and get deeper into already common things. I love media because it opens different sides in me, it defined me as a person, and I am very thankful for that. I am grateful to it for making me who I am now. My journey with media has only started, and I am looking forward for the future!

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