Media Made You

Media made you, it made me, it’s helped create us, and if you love yourself, which I truly hope you do, you’ll love media too! I don’t think I’d be how I am now without media and how it’s shaped and moulded me. We all like to think that we are somehow in control of who we are and what we present, i’d like to disagree. Who we are is constantly changing, if you could go back and talk to your old self from a year ago, you would most likely realise that you can hardly recognise your thoughts and opinions. In the interconnected world we live in I feel this quick evolution of ourselves is due to our media consumption and how we participate within a globalised media world. Media challenges us, it pushes us to further our horizon. I do not just mean on an opinion level, and that we get introduced to new perspectives, but media comes in so many different shapes and forms. Media is a beautiful spun web of art, knowledge, expression, manipulation and exploration that lead into shaping our personalities. The way we have come to express ourselves through media and which media we decide to consume can influence our souls a lot more than we like to admit. I think people are shy to acknowledge this as we think it would somehow make us less unique and more of an automated copy. I can promise you this is false, as if you go back and look at all your google searches, the instagram accounts you follow, the books you’ve read and music you listen to, you’ll find no one else has consumed the exact same media in that exact same order, which should prove to you that your media consumption is more unique than you could imagine. Each piece of media you have consumed, produced or shared has left a tiny mark on you, some more than others, usually those that are very emotionally loaded. I think its beautiful to think of all these pieces of information, connection, creativity and emotion coming together like a puzzle piece to create a very own media you!

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Website dedicated to the Media Life/Life in Media project of Mark Deuze, Professor of Media Studies, University of Amsterdam (The Netherlands).

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