media magic

i’m a curious person, fascinated with connecting with people and understanding things. the answer “because it is” to the question “why is it like this?” never really sit well with me. so maybe my love for media started there. its hard to describe how lucky i feel that i was born in the information era – where i can google anything i want. i can read, i can think about it. how great. media connects me to the ones i adore the most in the other side of the globe and it brought me closer to my dearest friends in life. i have a visual diary of a decade online and it has so many memories i treasure. i like to look back at the photos & videos. and i like the thought that there are many more special memories still to be registered there. my favorite playlists, films, tv-shows. how exciting. media informs me, comforts me. but sometimes it annoys me, frustrates me: “like how does this lack of diversity and representation in every single medium possible is even allowed?” or “like how everyone in this TV-show lives in a massive apartment in Manhattan if no one is ever working?” lol. “why this guy’s voice is being amplified in this platform? someone should do something” and so on and so forth. in a perfect world i wouldn’t have to ask some of these questions. but media isn’t flawless. it is real. and undeniably, media is my past, my present and my future – i mean, what else if not? i just clicked on an ad for an event that will be happening on the weekend.

i heart my media for countless reasons. it shows me a lot of who i am, and a lot of who i am not in many different aspects. i’ve been learning to appreciate both.

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Website dedicated to the Media Life/Life in Media project of Mark Deuze, Professor of Media Studies, University of Amsterdam (The Netherlands).

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