My Toxic Best Friend

I’d like to introduce you to my best friend, she’s amazing and I love her but she is TOXIC.

She’s convenient to have around, often small, compact and she’s always down to hangout but she needs to be taken care of constantly or she’ll shut down. 

She’s always there to keep me company when things get awkward and my social anxiety kicks in but only in exchange for a wifi connection. 

She’s there to entertain me when I’m lonely but proceeds to taunt me with photos of people having fun, at parties, at school, during Christmas, during Birthdays. 

She’s almost always reminding me of everything I don’t have and everything I want. 

She encourages me to speak to potential love interests but never fails to show me they are liking other girls posts. 

She drives me crazy! Purposely guiding me down a pathway of jealousy and bitterness and envy, then innocently offering advertisements on therapy. 

And when I’m mad at her and we’re not on speaking terms, she still manages to appear in my room disguised as something else. But I always know it’s her. They stare and taunt and encourage, they shut down and entertain in the same distinguishable way she does too. 

When I try to forget about her she follows me everywhere. She’s almost always the topic of discussion in every group. 

I hear her name everywhere I go. Media this, Media that. Media. Media. I’ve had enough!

If she was really my friend and if she really wanted what’s best for me, she would leave me alone.

She’s so utterly obsessed with me, but at the end of the day I know I can never stay mad because as much as I like to deny it, I’m so utterly obsessed with her too.

Media is my toxic best friend, I love her and hate her. I can’t stand her but I can’t live without her. She’s like an addiction that I just can’t seem to sober up from. 

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