Pandemic was the start of my domino effect to falling in love with media

Confined in my room between desk and bed I needed to “go” somewhere to feel less of the room around me. I found out my friends were using social media to stay in touch and communicate. I didn’t want to be out of the loop and lose contact with them. At that time I had prejudice about social media and refused to participate with trends. But I still casted aside my so kept principles and for the sake of it downloaded the media platforms that they were using. 

Media made me feel more self aware and aware of the world, if it makes sense. Learned many new things but I couldn’t name them. So much information in a matter of minutes was exhilarating, it made me curious even more and dive deeper into the internet rabbit hole. It is safe to say, being on social media all the time, every single day does something to you. As a result I became fascinated by the media environment and human behavior so much so that I decided to go study it.

Last year was a collective isolation or an isolated collectiveness. Communication then reached its peak, when we stayed in touch with people by a simple ‘share’ of a video or post. I think that the media solely got us through the quarantine and lockdowns. Never seen so many different kinds of people start to get interested in music, movies, fictional characters, books etc. as to seek out wherever little comfort they can, me included. It got to me that media is much more than phones and social platforms. I casted aside all my previous prejudices and approached the media environment as something unique that is yet to be untangled.

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