why i love my media

why i love my media. 

i love my media, because it is a safety blanket that i can wrap around myself.

clicking on youtube whenever i feel down, and drooling over cooking videos or laughing about trixie and katya within seconds. 

being able to talk to my friends or family, even though we are not close in proximity. 

biking or walking around, and listening to music through my headphones; silencing the whirlwind of thoughts in my head, making me feel at peace.

having my personal comfort movies, that i can watch whenever i need them.

watching movies with my beloved, laughing together, swooning together, crying together; when i think about it, is what i like doing best. 

but the line between love and hate is extremely thin: hence why my love for media can easily turn into hate.

i hate scrolling on social media, seeing people i look up to, inevitably comparing myself and feeling disappointed when i realize i am not and will never be like them; the thought that there is always someone cooler, funnier, more social, more stylish, and overall better than me.

getting no response from people when i need it urgently, even though our phones are at all times either within our sight or on our bodies. 

seeing people stare on their screens instead of looking around more, really seeing and appreciating the small things; and when they do actually see them, having to take a picture or video of it.

coming to the conclusion that media might not be that beneficial to my life. 

and then there is the ever-lurking thought of throwing my laptop and phone into a large body of water and calling it a day…

so there: my love (and hate) letter to media.

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