Why I Love My Media

If it wasn’t for the media, I wouldn’t have been able to move out of my home so easily. Everything is solved with just a click. Do you miss your parents? Click! video call. Do you need a new bank account? Click! you’ve got your appointment. What about health insurance? Click! it’s done. 

Besides getting things done with just a click, the media eliminates distance, makes planning easier for everyone and can bring people closer. It also helps with not getting lost! When I first moved to Amsterdam, everything looked the same. If it wasn’t for google maps, I would’ve been wandering around for hours trying to find my new apartment and I would definitely always be late to class or plans with my friends. 

Another reason to love media is music and movies. No matter what I do I need noise in the background, otherwise I’ll feel lonely. Whenever I need to relax, I listen to music. When I’m happy, I listen to music. Even when I cook or clean my apartment, I listen to music. Now that I mentioned cooking, thank god media exists! If I couldn’t google recipes online, I would be living with just pasta and rice or I would’ve burned the whole building down. And trust me I know how overwhelming and stressful social media can be. People knowing what you do, where you are and who you are with, but sometimes it’s fun to see what your friends or other people are up to. Let me also mention that when you do something you’re proud of, it is always nice to let people know. It’s ok to sometimes brag on social media. Everyone has done it. 

Media has a huge impact in my life. It has actually become a part of myself, which is kind of scary to realize and admit but it’s the truth. If it wasn’t for the media my life would’ve probably been chaotic, or at least less easy than it is right now. 

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