Why I <3 (or not) My Media

The first thought popped in my mind was: “Do I reaaally like (my) media or am I forced to like it?”

Media has been in my life since I was born -like literally, I was born into a family who live in media to their bones.-

My grandfather was a journalist who was a threat to the politics in where he lived and was an extreme inspire to me to express myself as unfiltered as I can be. My father is a professor with enough writing abilities to publish a few books which shows the ’negative’ parts of social media and how it affects people -which is quite ironic considering his child is getting into the industry he shitted on- and lastly, my mother is a passionate film graduate who introduced me with different ways of thinking when it comes to films/movies. 

When I look back and think about my family, it seems like I was kind of forced to live in and like media, however my answer is: I sometimes like my or any media, uncoerced. You can see the reason of word ‘sometimes’ and ‘the why’ below:

Why I like: I like my media when I produce what I like, when I get to see -rest in peace- my grandfather’s letters, memories, photos and articles. I like my media when I share the moments I enjoyed and when I see the moments enjoyed, I like it when it is used to spread awareness or to share significant information. I like my media when it inspires me and my inspirations become a media.

Why I don’t: I don’t like media when it is used to bully people -especially kids. I don’t like my media when its overused, leading me to miss what’s happening around me, and I don’t like it when it spreads radiation which can destroy your sleep schedule and can even cause cancer! -I googled it.

However, when I read what I wrote, it is obvious that the media isn’t the one to blame. It is us. It is up to you to allow your media to ruin or enrich your life. (And I allow both :)) Anyways, I guess I kinda ❤ my media.

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