A love hate relationship

My media and I have an ambivalent relationship. On the one hand I am drawn to it, depend on it, dissolve in it and able to express myself with it. On the other hand I avoid it, shut it down and get angry. It is ambivalent and can change from one moment to the other. Maybe in some cases it is not even about the medium itself but the things in it. People saying anything they want without holding back. Irrational opinions with bad argumentation, videos or images which I want to distance myself from as far as possible. I am exposed to both, the good and the bad, not knowing what I will see next. I am mainly talking bout social media here. The “fakeness” the pretending just triggers me from time to time and makes me quite sad, feeling we are living in a dystopian world where we have become the media itself and are only able to live and express ourselves through it.

Other mediums give me such much. Music, films, photography and their capacity of artistic expression can bring me to life, I indulge in them.

It is an ambivalent, however not a relationship that should be underestimated. The word Media is broad and with everything that it embodies, it definitely has a lot to offer.

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