I hate that I am addicted to my media. I hate the it feeling of comfort it provides for me. I hate it when I am out with friend and I look up from my phone just to see them stare at theirs. I hate that I now value life experiences by how good they would look if turned into media. I hate that when I am driving through my hometown the view of the alps is blocked by billboards. I hate that nowadays me and my grandmother can only connect through watching reality TV together. I hate that I can’t read a book anymore without the burning desire to stare at a screen instead. I hate that I have to interact with numerous types of media at once because I am scared of my own thoughts. I hate that I feel like I have let my media stole away an important part of my identity. I just despise all of it but still, I do absolutely nothing about it. And I hate myself for that.

Student number : 13945661

Published by deuzemedialife

Mediastudies, University of Amsterdam

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