Do I love media?

Do I love media? I think media are way too broad of a concept to feel positive feelings about all of them. Do I love the fact that media gave bad people a platform to manipulate others and spread lies? No. Do I love that some people, even acquaintances, are now gone because they watched news channels that spread lies about Covid-19 and decided not to vaccinate or not to take it seriously? No.

But without media, maybe Alyssa Milanos, whose tweets started the “#MeToo” Movement, wouldn’t have had the courage to write the words that changed the lives of thousands of women. Without media, vice-president Joe Biden’s interview in 2012 on Meet the Press wouldn’t have been heard by so many people and wouldn’t have motivated the LGBT movement to bear down on administration, culminating in Barack Obama’s own proclamation of support.

And let’s be honest, without media we would have gone insane during the Coronavirus Pandemic because when we were physically separated, it kept us connected not only with our friends, but with people we’ve never met. Despite the fact that media can be the source of negativity and misinformation, it can’t be denied that it changed the world surrounding us and without them, I wouldn’t have even had the chance to write this, so I guess I do, in fact, love media.

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