But Sir, It Is Complicated!

I have a complicated relationship with media. It exists, and I neither like nor dislike it. However, I am not neutral either. Well, perhaps it is not so much about the technology or the concept of media, but rather the users. The kind of people I have in my mind can absolutely as well be found offline, but thanks to the internet, their presence is even more noticeable.

Online, people are special. But not extremely special, just somewhat special. It is like a huge MMORPG without the fancy graphics where people join guilds based on what they believe, aspire or were they, at least, want to, belong (it is another story if they actually belong there).  

There is a specific kind of people that I don’t understand. Twitter-users. Of course, this might be because I am from a country where Twitter is not very mainstream. To me, Twitter feels like a desperate outcome of some middle- and upper-class opinionmakers who can’t get enough of desperately voicing their opinions. I especially enjoy the uneducated artist and/or influencer who tries to scar their so-very-much valued opinion either directly or indirectly related to a third-world problem but made to sound serious. After that, I want to shine some light on our hard-working politicians. The politician is the one who communicates their white lies and written attacks against each other, in an effort to make themselves seem a tad better than their nasty personalities can afford. But perhaps there is some joy in Twitter – Where else would you watch grown (overpaid) men argue like children?

The internet is a mess of opinions, either based on generally accepted science or “culturally accepted science”. After all, it seems like the definition of science has changed to what fits the author best. It is a grim bar-war from the comfort of your armchair, where the one with the loudest (non-capsed) opinion seems to win.

To further explain my emotional mixture (which dear Sir, will not lead to a divorce between me and my beloved media), I have attached a video of Daria and Jane’s life lessons. And If I did not make sense, I hope at least this life lesson will.


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