Documentation of a Lifetime

Every step I have taken since I was born was documented by media.

Whether it was willingly,

 in the form of home videos my parents took of me dancing,

or unwillingly,

like gaming servers taking use of and saving my unknowing, 9-year-old self’s data.

This thought, of always being monitored, can cause fear.

I for myself, think that it can also be empowering.

Living in the age of media, we and our actions will be monitored, whether we want that or not.

So why not try to use that for our advantage?

When you know that everything you do, tweet, text someone or post

can always be traced back to you, it might inspire you to be a better person.

A person that makes wiser choices, treats the people surrounding them

better and tries to become the best version of themselves.

When you are completely aware of that, reflecting on yourself becomes easier.

Reflecting on the person you are and the person you are becoming.

Me being able to use media with that knowledge makes me heart media,

because it empowers me and makes me brave,

because I understand the person that I am better, by documenting myself and my actions,

because I would have never had the courage to speak

because I want to be proud of the actions and the parts of me that get documented by media.

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