I heart my media because it is constant

Media has always been a constant source of comfort to me. From the time I started watching daily aired television shows when I was a child to now, where I have access to so many kinds of media that cater to my emotions.

I heart my media because when I feel sad and want to wallow in my sadness, I can simply consume a Netflix show/movie that is incredibly tragic and cry along. This may not seem like a good idea, but at the end of the day, I feel better because I was able to express my sadness through media.

I tweet random thoughts, despite having only a few people interact with me on that platform. It comforts me to know that sometimes these random thoughts or feelings that may have no reason are acknowledged. It comforts me to look at other people do the same.

I find comfort in books online along with people’s opinions about said books, in posts and stories from my friends/family, in messages I get sent by them, in finding new people and perhaps even making friends, in knowing I won’t get lost because I have my technology and GPS to rely on.

There are many things about media that give me comfort and this is because these things have always been constant. Even if the platforms I sue change or evolve, I can still rely on media to the activities I always have been doing and more.

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