WhatsApp with my media: A love/hate relationship

I never actually thought whether I love my media or not. But now that I think of what are the things that I could never live without, I discover that they are all part of media.

I can never live without my music, my favorite adventure or romance movies because they are part of my own fantasy. I am a dreamer, I never pay attention to what happens around, and I am never interested in what’s new. Media is my escape from the world that we call “reality”. However, this can be a prison as well. I probably won’t be able to resist more than five minutes not checking my Instagram, my Snapchat or my WhatsApp. I need to check on my friends all the time. But sometimes I don t even know why I’m opening these apps because I don t even need to see anything or check up on anyone.

But more important, there are times in which the only way to express my feelings is through my media. When I am sad and hopeless or whenever I think that there is no human being on earth that would understand me, I usually type down on my phone all my thoughts and I save them in files. Also, sometimes I feel like a mechanism that gets stuck, and that usually happens when I am upset. It is so weird, but my words just stop coming out of my mouth. It’s just my brain and my fingers that are working. And that is just because I hate talking face to face with people when I feel bad, so I prefer texting them. My words just make more sense on WhatsApp. Contrary to this, there are times in which I just feel that I should delete my media and forget about everyone. There are times in which I am looking for an escape in another world.

To sum up, I still don t know how much I love my media, but I would call myself a liar if I told you that I love everything about it. I would also be a liar if I told you that I hate everything about it. So I guess it’s a love-hate relationship.



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