media: a symbol

“why do you love (your) media”

simple, media is our universal language. think about it, media is not limited to a location, ethnicity, or religion. it is present in all of us. it has grown with us and it will probably outgrow us. nonetheless, what makes media unique enough to be universally understood, is its ability to appeal to human emotions.

for instance, let’s take this compilation of cinematic clips. i can show it to someone who never spoke or understood a word of english, and that person would still comprehend the underlying meaning of the video. the same goes for if i wanted to show it to my grandma. why? because they felt it. just as i did when i first saw the clip. the soundtrack as well as images that complemented it created a medium simple enough to transcend the boundaries of age and language.

the same applies for other types of media. i moved to a country were the native language is as foreign to me as can be. yet, i manage to understand the ads on the metro, what to buy at albert heijn, or even navigate the public transportation.

so why do i love media…

simple, for me its a symbol of unity.

a medium that connects us as humans.

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