My hate & My love

If you let me express my feelings for media, I think this feeling is very complicated.

On the one hand, I think that the existence of media has destroyed a lot of pure, genuine, beautiful, and simple things. Imagine when we were young, when mobile phones, computers, and the Internet were not popular, most people truly felt their own life and time.

The school holiday is approaching, and it will take a long time for us to see our friends, and the separation makes us feel sad. Nowadays, social media are well developed, and we can see the lives of others almost at all times, and we can also keep in close contact with our friends through social media after parting. However, this also deprived us of the opportunity to feel ‘separation’ truly. As we can easily keep in touch every day and see each other’s daily life, we do not have time and chance to understand the value of the separation and deeply experience the joy of being together again. These purest emotions have collapsed in media life. No matter how far away, I know there are various ways to see each other, I won’t be too sad when I have to leave my friends or families. However, the price paid is that we no longer have the full excitement when we get together.

Personally, as for ‘love’ I think social media (dating apps) are quietly nurturing a fast and distorted love experience. Social media acts as a powerful catalyst, depriving people of the natural emotional development of mutual understanding to mutual appealing affection. People are complex and multi-faceted creatures. It is hard to understand and know a person only through photos and some basic personal information. But the scary thing is that nowadays, people firmly agree that they could find like-minded soul mates through scanning a few photos and having several dates. What makes me even more frightened is that many young people now think that it is impossible to encounter love without social media software. Then, is it true that the love of the old generation is fictional? Love is one of the most beautiful human emotional experiences, and beautiful things often take time to achieve. Lovers in the past, separated for many years, can still maintain a romantic relationship with only limited correspondence. People nowadays have so many ways to promote and maintain their relationships, but most relationships just get broken only because of long-distance issues. If love goes fast, what’s the point of coming fast?

I am not entirely a conservative against the media. I have to admit that the media has also brought much convenience to my life. Thanks to the media, I can video call with my parents and greet each other every day when I am studying in a foreign country, thus alleviating my missing. I can hear my favorite songs or watch my favorite movies anytime, anywhere. Navigation app (google map) and so on have brought unlimited possibilities for me to travel in any country without relying on others. For these, I am incredibly grateful to the media from the bottom of my heart.

What I want to say is that while blindly enjoying the convenience and possibility media brings to us, I can’t help but remind myself to return to find the meaning of being a ‘human.’ I am opposed to the saying that “the media is becoming us, and we are becoming the media.” After all, human beings are creatures with souls and emotions, the spirit of all things.

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