Why I Heart My Media

We all have a Love-Hate relationship with our media, including myself.

I hate how addicting media can be. And let’s not forget about the fact that it is ubiquitous and deeeeeeeeeply embedded into our lives. Developing the discipline to manage our media use is like expecting a crackhead to refuse to take drugs standing right in front of them. Impossible!

Media also conditions us to live in an ideological sphere, which is another reason why I am not too fond of it. Digital Media enables us to decide which information producers and news channels to follow. However, it focuses on a diffused niche and ideological sector without appealing to a broad audience. Conservatives start to consume just conservative media, while liberals start to consume only liberal media. People begin to promote their viewpoints solely, resulting in social polarization.

Although I despise media to a certain extent, there are many aspects of media that I adore.

First of all, I love my Media simply because it makes my life easier. Through media, we can connect with anyone instantaneously, do our shopping without leaving our house, learn skills and subjects without attending classes, and never struggle to search for a specific location. These are just a few examples. There are countless opportunities presented to us by Media.

Second of all, as an aspiring artist, I am grateful for my Media. It has allowed me to explore the artworks of many talented artists. Their works have expanded my horizon, inspired and evolved my art style, and left me keen to improve my art for the rest of my life. Being exposed to impressive works that are better than mine makes me feel demotivated most of the time, but I can’t get rid of that spark of ambition with each post I see. Media has also provided me with a platform to share my art with the rest of the world, which makes it meaningful and impactful at the same time.

Lastly, If it weren’t for media, I would have never experienced the delight of watching anime, reading manga, sharing memes with my friends, and expanding my knowledge on topics that genuinely evoke my curiosity.

It is just so god damn entertaining!!!

Elif Naz Ozdemir



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