My interaction with media:

Media is a major source of modern culture and entertainment. Since a young age I have always been engrossed in media; particularly reading books and watching films. I was amazed at these fictional worlds that I could travel into at my own pace and often would stay up all night locked into a random free book on my Kindle. This is where my obsession with media started, and when I finally got my first smartphone – with social media, free games, and endless films. My ability to divulge into a specifically filtered reality became boosted by this new technology, also however this vehicle converted my time in this creative space into less of an enjoyable time and more of a sly obsession. Media became a negative to me- I had overused the creative space in my mind and began to watch series mindlessly and play games only due to friends loving them. Instead of picking a book for myself, my awareness changed and I felt the need to follow my peers and the trends at the time. My sleep schedule was altered and I found myself waking up later in the afternoon, my mindset shifted into a more negative and depressive state and when I would go into school I would get anxious before classes. I would say this was mainly a result of my social media consumption. These are the main negatives I have experienced as a result of media, yet would I change my path if I could go back and alter this? Probably not. I know that the positives of media outweigh these negatives. For example, I love that media gives vast opportunities and has the power to spread knowledge and information to the masses. One can research into various insightful areas and find that people abuse this aspect of media- however over the past few years the positives of media being used correctly as a passage for knowledge and information to spread information while saving lives. Covid-19 and the various areas of media it has impacted show that online schooling/work and virtual appointments have all been made more efficient and have directly combated the spread of the virus. Showing clearly a positive of media.

To conclude, I think the media has its positives and negatives but everything has its ups and downs. As much as I love the ability to communicate and to make new friends, stay up to date and share with the world what makes me happy, sometimes I feel an immense amount of judgment, anxiety, and hatred from the online world. It makes one realise that it is most important to be comfortable with oneself and not look to others for confirmation or validation of your thoughts or feelings.

p.s sorry if this didnt make sense lol


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