Representation and Community

Online spaces gave me the resources to figure out my gender and sexuality. It gave me an escape from the real world for a couple hours a day.

I have always consumed a lot of tv shows and movies. The first couple of years of my life I did not care about who I saw on my screen, as long as the story was intriguing. However, when I figured out my sexuality I wanted to see other people who were like me. I started watching all the sapphic movies and tv shows that I could get my hands on. I did not know any queer people who I could talk to in my real life, so, seeing queer people in media was the only way that I could get a taste of what my future could look like.

I started questioning my gender identity a couple of years after I figured out my sexuality. I figured out my gender, due to reading about peoples experiences with their gender identity on online platforms.

Media gave me the representation and the feeling of community that I did not have in my personal life growing up. It gave me a space to freely explore who I was as a person and who I wanted to be.

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