Why I love media

I think I am trying to finish this assignment for the 5th time if my memory is correct. I was trying to write why I love media but it started to created some kind of uncomfortable feeling inside my chest so I gave up. After that, I tried to write why I hate media. The same feeling stroke me again. Maybe it was because seeing my self trying to find reasons why I love or hate media even thought I don’t. Maybe it was because I felt I was lying to myself.

So the problem is, I can’t really tell if I like media or not. I have been consuming media since I was born. Maybe even before I was born. I was probably listening to music when I was in my mother’s womb. Probably there was some kind of a radio or television turned on at the hospital where I was born. After that, I read books, watched television, played videogames and so on. My life was full of media and still. I was never told to love or hate media. Nobody taught me how to use or force me to use media. It was just there from the very beginning. It was like air. If I ask someone ‘do you like air’, that person will ask me if I’m crazy or something. You don’t breathe because you like breathing. It works the same for media. I don’t consume media because I like it. I consume it because it’s just there.

This is the reason why I can’t distinguish if I like media or not.


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