Why I Heart My Media

When considering why and how I love media, it made me realise how ingrained media is within my lifestyle. I cannot remember the last time I contemplated media as one thing, a separate thing within my lifestyle. For me this was odd because as said, I never consider it as an object or a being, it’s just there, something I live my daily life with and could quite possibly not live without it and to think that I do not fully acknowledge it on a day to day basis is astonishing. Maybe that’s why I love my media, it’s easy, it does not demand my acknowledgement. Additionally, as cliche as it sounds, I love my media for its accessibility, for when I need to quickly message my family abroad, or for when I go to a new city and need to find a cool place to eat so I do a quick Instagram search on ‘best places to eat in London’.

 On the other hand, a part of the media that I also heavily dislike is how easy it was for it to become so embedded into our lifestyles. I now rely on it for so many things, like finding my way home when I get lost. Fundamental small things that should not need media use.  Furthermore, I dislike how a lifestyle or culture is shared so quickly within the media that I now question whether anything is unique anymore, people cling to these niche hobbies or music tastes for example and hope that it doesn’t become trending on twitter or Instagram because then the speciality towards that interest is lost, that idea is crazy to me.


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Website dedicated to the Media Life/Life in Media project of Mark Deuze, Professor of Media Studies, University of Amsterdam (The Netherlands).

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