Media’s Early Impacts

Media: The reflection of culture to society. Not only has it shaped the modern world we live in, but it has served as a catalyst to influence the way past, present, and future generations have or will view the world. As a teenager in this world, the future lies in our hands. Media has greatly influenced my growing and coming of age, as I have grown up around the constant modernization of technology and its relationship to social media. I have immersed myself in many cultures, including growing up in Venezuela. As I’ve grown and cultivated my own perspectives, seeing and living through the constant manipulation of media in Venezuela has challenged my perspective of the media industry and provoked me to want to make a change in the way issues and certain matters are communicated. 

I would say I have a love-hate relationship with media. The erratic world of media and its influence on different perspectives is fascinating, however, due to my upbringing in such a tumultuous political climate (as I had mentioned before) my personal perspective has been challenged. Learning to pick through what media to trust or not with such a young, vulnerable, and growing mind has truly tarnished the idea of forming objective opinions. Because of this, I have found it difficult to impartially look at all media. On the other hand, I am grateful to have learnt this early on. I have developed and mastered a skill many tend to lack, and it has allowed me to set boundaries for what “facts” or news I accept.

As an effect of all this, I have discovered the true foundation media stands on: Trust.

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