Why I Heart My Media

The media is something that plays a huge role in my life and it’s something I’ve grown to have a relationship with. I’ve been using the media since I was a kid to play video games on my Mum’s iPad or to watch a YouTube video. With time media started to have a more significant role in my life, when I was in primary school I shared an iPad with my brothers, when I got to secondary school I got my first phone and laptop. Today I am constantly surrounded by media. At times it can be extremely distracting when I’m trying to perform a task and I can hear Netflix calling to me, telling me to watch this new TV show that just came out. Or the notifications on my Phone constantly nagging me to check my social media. It’s times like these where I wish media would disappear from my life and I could live in peace. However that is not possible as in today’s world media is everywhere and we can’t escape it.

There are other times where I think media is the best thing ever and I’m so glad it’s in my life like when I’m browsing through Instagram looking at funny videos or I’m snapping my friends on snapchat. Although it sounds simple and mundane, doing this brings joy into my life.

So I like to think I have a complicated relationship with media and that I would not be able to describe it. I have many mixed feelings towards it and I think it’s best to leave it at that.


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Website dedicated to the Media Life/Life in Media project of Mark Deuze, Professor of Media Studies, University of Amsterdam (The Netherlands).

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