why i heeaaart media?

I don’t really know why i heart media. It has simply just been part of my existence as long as I can remember. What I can say though, is that my dependence on media has significantly grown over the past 21 years. It has evolved from occasionally watching television after school or playing video games to accessing it on any device close to me at any given time of the day. Morning to Night. Rinse and Repeat.

The most important media to me would definitely be music. Music fills me with happiness, sadness, anger and everything else, it just lets me feel my emotions, whatever they might be at that moment. It expresses who I am as a person and gives my life some type of background noise(like in a show). I do not necessarily have the desire to make music myself but I enjoy pretending like I’m in my own imaginary music video from time to time.

Media has had both positive as well as negative impacts on my life, but I like to see it as a form of character development. I know how to handle some things better now than I did a year or two ago. You cannot have tunnel vision when it comes to media, there are so many ways you can go with it, you just have to choose your path and inspire yourself through others along the way.

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