Why I Heart Media

What I love about media is how it is an extension of humanity. We as people live inside the media that we create, it is not a separate construct to the rest of society but a foundational form of communication. Media is something which in my opinion is meant to connect with people. The intent behind most media is to elicit an emotional reaction from the individual interacting with it. These emotions can range from very positive to very negative and are sought after for a variety of reasons. The goal of the media can be to get someone to spend money on a product, or join a political movement, or simply to spark a debate/argument. From my experience this is where the fear and negative connotation with media arises, that media is there to control what we think and do; leading to some having a critical opinion of the entire concept of media. Personally I feel that the value of media lies in sharing stories and experiences that allow people to connect over their similarities. Whole friendships can be based around taste in film, music or literature; and social media and the internet allows us to meet people we could never have met otherwise. Many of these forms of media are part of large industries aimed at making money and at times exploiting consumers. However this should not undermine the genuinity of the media and those who produce it. Many artists and influencers create media with the intent of sharing stories and experiences rather than an intent to make money. All the positives and negatives of human society exist within media due to all of it coming from the human mind. As a result human issues also find themselves within all of media; it should not be blamed for these issues. Media is a tangible manifestation of human nature and emotion, which is what makes it so interesting in my opinion. 

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Website dedicated to the Media Life/Life in Media project of Mark Deuze, Professor of Media Studies, University of Amsterdam (The Netherlands).

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