Dear media,

Dear media,

I’ve laughed, found passion and cried with you.

Late at night,

When my thoughts were too loud,

Music calmed me down,

The artists inspired me,

The memes and vines shaped my sense of humour.

I could have spend an entire day

Watching movies and obsess

After fictional characters and actors.

Ever since I was a child,

You’ve taught me how to look and behave.

90-60-90 was the only way to get that boy’s attention.

Those blonde girls in bikinis were so pretty.

Thirteen year old me wanted to be like them.

Oh, but my nose is too big?

I must change that.

A pimple?

Buy that cream, do that treatment, they said.

At least I learned how to use Photoshop.

How can I impress my crush?

Laugh at his jokes and touch his shoulder.

Give him attention,

But not too much.

You don’t want to seem too clingy.

Now I’m jealous.

That girl has a car and a cool boyfriend,

She received flowers and a ring,

And I’m crying myself to sleep.

Everything I did,

I did it for your approval.

Thank you for inspiring me

And for shaping me into the woman I am today,

Who is now confident in her skin,

With all her flaws and spots.

Thank you for everything.


Student 13751840.


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Website dedicated to the Media Life/Life in Media project of Mark Deuze, Professor of Media Studies, University of Amsterdam (The Netherlands).

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