I love my media… Sometimes

When I was younger, I tended to feel alone. I lived in the middle of woods with my family, and for a kid, it felt like living in isolation. Media was my best friend: I had movies, tv shows and videogames, and I had news from every corner of the world. It was very comforting for me when I felt alone.

When growing older and moving away from there, I did take the media with me. But sadly, it didn’t feel like a best friend anymore, it was my co-worker now. It helped me through my school and work, but I constantly felt like I wanted to take a break from it. Sometimes it felt suffocating to be available around the clock and I wanted to run away from it.

And then I moved away from everything familiar. I was in a new country and new city, and I didn’t know anything or anyone. Then I remembered how comforting media could be, when used right. I could get in touch with people I miss and see what is happening in my country. And it is all so easy.

I love my media for being there for me. Sometimes it just feels a little too much, that it’s always here.



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