How could someone hate media

As I thought over the question, ‘why would I love the media’, another question had struck me, “How could someone hate Media ?”. Media is now spread worldwide. Everywhere we go, there are cameras displaying someone or something, which later becomes a post on a somewhat media platform. With today’s technology, we can see all those posts in our bedroom, helping us to feel different cultures, learn new information and even receive virtual ideas of how everyone, everything looks. These are just several examples of privileges that Media provides to us and there are a lot more. With all these benefits, is it possible for someone to actually hate media? If I have the choice to bring one thing to an unknown island, without hesitation, choose a fully charged smartphone with 5G internet service. Overall, I love the media, it helps me to spread my ideas or receive new perspectives on a specific topic. I would like to send endless esteem towards every individual who is dedicated to creating nowadays media and is looking forward to the next step of it.

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