Why I <3 My Media

My relationship with media is always changing.

I’ve gone through phases of heavy gaming, many many hours of nonstop YouTube watching, binge watching about all the anime and TV I could find, listening to as many albums as I could. My life when it was the most media saturated was, curiously, from the confines of my room. Weirdly enough my total screen time was always half (or less) than that of my friends.

All of the so called “pleasure” I was having gave me no fulfillment or true enjoyment. My time spent with media was full of bloated trash I had no interest whatsoever in doing or viewing. And so, I decided to clean up my Media. Stopped consuming so many games and TV. Unfollowed most (still finding them) of the accounts I did not care about or which added nothing to my enjoyment. Stopped watching shows/YouTube with food. And many more. This has made me appreciate my media much more. By taking out the unnecessary saturation I had, my media has opened itself up for more inspiring, creative and communicative content. I feel much happier with this way of handling digital life. More as a tool and less of direct extension of my body. There are days where I see an hour of Instagram and feel like that was way too much for my own good, but still I am happy where I am taking things with my media.

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