Love and Hate Relationship

When I entered middle school, I was the only one that didn’t have a phone. Which was kind of logical, because I was still an eleven years old little girl. I was still a child, and I didn’t need one. I remember being angry against my parents because I couldn’t play games, I couldn’t be on social media, I couldn’t watch Youtube in secret in my room, I couldn’t Skype with my friends. But mainly, I wasn’t like my classmates. I was the one that didn’t know about what was going on after school, the couples, the arguments, the make-ups… My world was only physical when other’s was becoming digital. 

And I hate my media for that. Because they have become a social element that determines whether or not one will be part of a community. I hate the fact that a person that who does not have Instagram is not only left out but also cut off from the world. I hate the fact that the main social interactions are on social networks. And that the principal reason we use our media is to stick with others to fit in and not be seen as ‘different’. I hate the fact that  I always need to occupy my mind. I can’t let it think or even be bored as I did as a child. I hate the fact that I unlock my phone automatically without even realizing it which makes me feel like a robot. I hate the fact that I can’t let go of my media. 

However, I love my media. Because I can communicate with my brother who has been living in Australia for 2 years and with my sister in Prague. I love my media because I can keep the same strong relationship I had with my high school friends. With media, I can rarely feel homesick, I can talk and see my parents as much as I want. I love my media because it educated me on such different levels. I love my media because I can feel connected to the world. There is a wealth of knowledge and information available. There are parts of my personality and beliefs that have come to light through the media. I love my media because it makes my life easier. 

I love my media because I built myself through them. 



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