My Greatest Love Story

Like all great love stories ours stretches over decades. We met back when I was a child. He was fascinating to me, introducing me to topics I’d never known and influencing most of my interests. The older I grew, the closer we got and the more time we spent together. During my teenage years a day wouldn’t go by, where I did not see him. I started feeling safe with him, sharing things I never thought I would with anyone. He is always there for me when I need him and since he is a part of my life I never had to feel alone again. 

Like all great love stories ours is epic. A whole new world was opened up to me because of him. I got to see places I’ve never been to and he is my source of infinite information. He opens me up to new opportunities and introduces me to new people every single day. He provides endless inspiration and always challenges me to be better. I haven’t felt real boredom since he has been in my life.

 Like all great love stories ours is passionate. We´re not perfect, we have our ups and downs.There are days I truly hate him. Where I feel like I can’t be in the same room with him, because he won’t let me breathe. Days he makes me feel like shit and points out my biggest insecurities. Sometimes I feel like he is depriving me of experiences I could be having if it wasn’t for him. There are days that I feel burned out and need a break from this all consuming relationship. He can be controlling, toxic even. But I would never actually break up with him. He has become a part of me and I can’t imagine my life without him.

He is the one I see first in the morning and last before I go to bed. After a long day of not being with him there is nothing better than having him wrap his arms around me and letting me know about all the things I’ve missed in the time we weren’t together. I can’t remember a time where he wasn’t there and I can’t imagine a future he is not a part of.

Oh, I forgot to introduce him: His name is media.

Lykke Rautenberg, 13661132


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