Media, My Everything- Literally

You would think “everything” is an exaggerated word, at least in terms of describing your relationship with something that’s visual. 

But what usually is our everything? If you ask me, I would say its family. And media has helped me be there with and for my family, over this huge distance of separate continents.

I would not dare to imagine my current university life without this thing that we call media. Technically speaking, my home country is a 13 hour flight away, but emotionally speaking, I can never patch this void of my family’s absence with me right now. Media has significantly helped me with this.

It warms my heart when I see my mom’s smiling face everyday, when she video calls me, without fail. My cooking would be incomplete without hearing my grandmother bawl out about how disproportionate the spices in my curry are. Above all, it’s the sunshine, which my 5 year old golden retriever, adds to my gloomy days (If only I could hug him through my camera). 

It is this media, this technology, which helps me put up with my friends and family overseas, and I am extremely thankful for it. The “if I would have been there” chats, the “did you know what happened behind you” gossips and the “we wish you were here” emotional tears, are all meaningful to me today, and therefore, I HEART MY MEDIA.

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