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If you are going to ask me if I love media, honestly I don’t know how to answer that. Media and I are in a complicated relationship. The first time I met media was a long time ago which I don’t even remember clearly, however, I do know that i was fascinated by it. A whole new world opened for me. I think it was the TV, it had more than 100 different things to watch, which shocked me because at that time I couldn’t even count to a hundred. Anyway since then, media has been a part of my every day life. Maybe im not in love with media and maybe I am in love media. Like I said it is very complicated.

Eventually I grew up before I realised it but it was not only me who grew up, Media changed alongside of me. I do love media because it has an endless unexplored side to it and will continue to grow. I do not love media because it will become a stranger to me because it will outgrow me, eventually when I will be at an age where I can’t keep up with it anymore and that scares me. Like I said it is complicated. Media eventually integrated in my life which I didn’t even notice. It is part of my every day life and even now, I cannot imagine living without it.

Alright, this story has already been too long, so I will end it here. But my question to you is, why do you love media?

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