Why I Love Media

Thinking about loving media always leaves me feeling angry or upset because my mind always goes to how much media has negatively hurt my generation. We compare and contrast everything, from the size of our bodies to our glamorously fabricated social media lives. It reminds me of all the anxiety and feelings of being unsettled that going through media has left me with in the past, all the times I have thrown my phone across the room and hoped it would just disappear. However, I have come to realize that media is a two-edged sword, it hurts us but it also gives to us a whole horizon and world of things that we can choose to receive positively. Media plays a role in blurring the line between reality and lies, however, sometimes that is exactly what a person needs to get through life. To me, media is the nostalgia of remembering cartoons and books that I used to watch/read as I grew up. To me, media is the feeling of all the emotions a good song or film stirs up in me. I have grown to use media as an accompaniment to go with my feelings; a happy movie to lift my spirits when I’m down, a thrilling TV show to make me feel excited. I cannot bring myself to say that I love media, but I strongly believe that media is what we make of it, and though it has hardly been easy, I try my utmost to see media as a gift. 

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