My Relation with Media

Media surrounds almost every aspect of my academic and personal life. It is unavoidable. So much so, that there isn’t an hour of any given day where I am not in some form of interaction with a media object, whether that be television, film, news, music etc. It has consumed my daily routines and has become an essential component of my life and I am certain that this is the case for many others. While many may see this as an obstruction of freedom and ability to enjoy the natural world, I see it as only a benefit for my wellbeing. Heavy involvement in media often brings with it an excessive involvement in the affairs of other people and interest in the political, cultural, religious, economic and social changes and occurrences that take place in modern day society. A heavy abundance of exposure to media automatically means that you as a member of society become more aware and integrated in either one or more of the aforementioned pillars of our world. News, if accurate, heightens awareness of ones’ surroundings to what is happening in the world. Television and film use non fiction and fiction narratives to underline pressing issue and music diversifies your understanding of different cultures and also acts as a storytelling device. Amongst many other media forms, these three examples have led me to become a more open-minded and aware individual. I am grateful for media and all that it entails, because had I not been so heavily involved, I would not be the person I am today. Many people take media for granted or do not appreciate its presence in society thus neglecting its essential role in shaping the world as we know it today.

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