Do I Love media? It is a really difficult question for me because the media gave me anxiety, hate, depression but also happiness and a lot of motivation. A few years ago social media were for me the place that gives me complexes. I was so focused on all those beautiful people and their perfect lives. It was hard for me to accepted how do I look and how my life looked like. I lived in this bubble where I thought everything needs to be perfect. There started depression. Happily, with all the help from family and friends, things got better. I realized how social media are fucked up, how much damage they can make. With time media started to change. Now definitely we can see more real and not perfect people. We got used to being imperfect! Also, I gained more power as a young woman and started to feel more like myself. I am confident and not scared anymore to show everyone what I look like and behave in real life.

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Published by deuzemedialife

Mediastudies, University of Amsterdam

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