MY love for MY media

When I examine my own personal relationship with media, I feel that I am different compared to everyone else. However, with customizable features, different media devices and everyones unique ‘online persona’, doesn’t that make everyone different? While this is true, when I think about what I use my media for, I can clearly see the distinction. For example, the minority of my time is used for social media. I check them a few times a day, I rarely post (story or feed) on any of the platforms, and I rarely take pictures. I usually use most of the platforms for the messaging features.

I do not judge other’s for using social media at a higher level than I do. In fact, I felt judged for not using media as much. As many people use social media to determine their own first opinions about someone, that is relatively hard to do for me. However, I feel that I would rather have someone judge me in person where there is no anonymity, and allows me to show my best feature…. my personality!!

I think I will begin to use social media more in the future, but I am happy with myself that I have not conformed to using it heavily because that is the norm. I love the way the world uses media, but more importantly, I love the way I use media.

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