Why I heart my Media?

This is my third attempt to answer the question “Why I heart my Media?”.  It stunned me how much trouble I had answering this question. After all, I chose to study “Media Studies” at University, so I should have been able to answer it rather easily.

But I could not have been more mistaken.

On my first and second attempt, my thoughts were constantly gravitating towards my childhood. This does not change in this attempt either.

I couldn’t help myself, but remember, all the evenings my family spent watching movies together. My parents were not very strict when it came to following the age limit on the front of a DVD. It was continuously disregarded with the result that as a child I watched “The Birds” by Hitchcock at a rather young age (some may argue at a too young of an age) for the first time . Subsequently, I might have developed a slight fear of birds around the age of seven. Nonetheless, my parents’ love for cinema definitely poured into my siblings and I.

While my father watches predominantly only movies in his limited free time, my mum used to watch a lot of TV-shows during the week. Some of them we watched almost religiously together. 

Usually in the afternoon, I sat next to my mum on the sofa and cuddled with her while on the TV Kevin McCloud presented yet another grand design. Sometimes it was Monty Don letting us into his gardener’s world and every now and then it was Jamie Oliver who shared with us another one of his 30 minutes recipes. 

My parents’ ringtones were always some kind of music score from their favourite movies or television shows. My father had until recently the opening theme of a polish series from the early sixties as his ringtone, as it reminded him of his childhood hero; A spy who in order to help his country to win the war, had to disguise himself as a German officer. My mum’s ringtone used to be the “Whistle Song” from “Kill Bill”.

Recently I was in a metro station and somebody’s phone started ringing. It was the “Whistle Song”. For just a tiny moment I was convinced that my mum was there in the metro station with me. I never felt as disoriented as in that second of my life.

Why I heart my media?

I heart it, because a piece of media as mundane as it might seem to one person, may hold for another great memory of a person lost a long time ago.

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