Why I Love Media

Media is like a relationship, you can’t have the best of both worlds. You can either perceive a relationship to be good or bad. However, sometimes it’s just a scramble of both and you’re not sure how you feel. Things can either be filled with content or they can not. There will be a constant battle of finding the perfect balance. Ultimately, it’s a love-hate relationship.

10 reasons why I love media:

  1. It allows individuals to experiment with who they are
  2. It allows individuals to share their passion with others
  3. It allows friendships to form
  4. It allows long-distance friends and families to connect
  5. It allows opportunities to be open
  6. It allows others to talk about taboo subjects
  7. It allows us to capture memories to look back on
  8. It allows us to create films that explore other dimensions/universe
  9. It allows us to not feel so alone (mental illness)
  10. It allows us to explore everything from 10 to 100 years ago

10 reasons why I hate media:

  1. It allows fake news to be spread
  2. It allows individuals to cyberbully
  3. It allows individuals to create fake personas
  4. It allows unhealthy habits to be promoted
  5. It allows untrue/problematic theories to spread
  6. It allows one to underestimate their self-worth by comparing themselves
  7. It puts pressure on young kids to grow “faster”
  8. It portrays stereotypes on different communities
  9. It portrays certain beauty standards that individuals feel the need to uphold
  10. It creates addiction

Media has been in my life since the second I was born. I do not know a life without media. We are surrounded by media every second of the day. Media isn’t just social media apps, it’s everywhere and we can’t really escape it. Media is a wonderful thing but like everything, there’s always a negative aspect. I always try to view it as living in the in-between. You get to decide how you want to view media and how it affects you.

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