Media keeps me together

My family lives around the world. I only see them every now and then but thankfully every morning I wake up I am able to send a good morning text and wish them a great day. Media truly keeps me sane because it allows me to keep in touch with my family. 

I remember being little and my dad going away for work trips. Phone calls were expensive if you were out of the country and so keeping in touch was not easy. I got to say hi and ask how he was but that was it. Missing someone was different then. 

Now that FaceTime and Google Duo are such a big part of our lives missing your family is not that bad. It almost feels like you are with them when you can see their face in HD and hear their voice like they would be in the same room with you. 

I often think how life would be if these things did not exist. How could I go without texting my sister that lives in Dubai asking which shirt I should buy for the party. Or calling my brother that lives in Finland asking how do I fix my TV. 

Realizing how much I take different media for granted is crazy. If one day everything were to just shut down I truly do not know what I would do. My life is how it is because of media. Being able to stay in contact with family and friends even if we live in different countries is truly the best thing ever. 

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