Why I love my media

The reason why I love my media is because they help me with everything every day. Medias have helped me keep in touch with friends and family that are in a different country. Although there is a lot of fake news going around, I have gained a large amount of knowledge, it also gives me the opportunity to look at news that are less biased than mainstream medias. For example I knew about George Floyd’s death because of Instagram, I was also able to see different videos from different angles because of Instagram, mainstream media usually didn’t show more than one video. I love my media because it helps me set goals for myself (of course achievable), for example seeing all those rich people makes me want to live the same lifestyle, so I set myself some goals in order to slowly get closer to the lifestyle I want to live. As I just mentioned, social medias only show us the bright side of our idols’ lifestyle which can be nice when we want to escape from reality, but sadly can also quickly turn into something bad, such as raising social standards. A good example would be the Kardashian family, now a large number of women (mostly teens) think that having their body shape is the new social standard and hope to have the same result, but without doing surgery (which is clearly impossible). Unfortunately, not achieving their goal will make them unsecure. Social medias also give us the opportunity to see things that we might never see in real life such as animals or landscapes.

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