Media is Everywhere

I love media because it is ubiquitous. No matter where I look I can find media creeping up into more and more aspects of my life. Whether it is the app that charges me to do laundry, check out a bike from my building, or manage my bank account, my entire daily operation revolves around media.

I wake up in the morning to my phone’s alarm clock, check social media, and reply to messages. Then I use google maps to go to class, where I study using my HP envy computer. From there I use maps again to come home. Then I do my homework, again on the computer, and afterwards watch Netflix to unwind. Throughout the day I use my phone to check social media, text my friends and family, and get the latest news.

Recently my phone was stolen and I was completely lost. I couldn’t access my bank account, public transportation, whatsapp, or anything else that made me a functioning member of society. Thankfully the thief realized my phone is a five year old worthless piece of junk and abandoned it to the mercy of the street so that it could make its way back to me, but for the few days I didn’t have it I had come to realize how reliant on it I was.

I understand why media is so ubiquitous. Scanning a bar code is much more convenient than doing tasks the old fashioned way, however in this current world where phones can be stolen, malefaction, or just not be accessible to everyone; maybe we need to come with a backup system for how we operate. Just until we all have government mandated chips in our brain.

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