The Tiny Me and the Infinite Media Universe

I have to confess that i am living almost all my life in the infinite media universe. Media somehow recorded all the clips of my life.

Form the pictures of my childhood, I realize i have so many relatives that i barely know them before . And videos, digital images had recorded all my family’s trip when i was a young innocent girl . Every time i seeing these, i know that once upon a time, i had loving parents and a happiness family 🙂

I personally would make small videos as long as me and my friends went on a trip, it was so much fun, sometimes i feel overwhelming about life and social issues, and videos always have the power that can make me laugh and feel calm.

Also, from media,precisely from the big database, i found that thousands of missing children in china have been found every year with new solution , they print posters of missing children on the parcels, and through the express delivery,Information about missing children is being disseminated everywhere,in the end,more missing children has been found through media universe.

SHAN JIANG 13612565


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