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If I’m being honest I really do love my media. Personally there’s two main reasons for this: one being the fact that I use my media as a sort of journal for my life. Particularly on instagram I have what would be called my ‘spam account’, a private account that only has my good friends on, essentially i log almost every day of my existence on that account. See a lot of people, including my own Grandma, might consider this sad or in their uninformed dystopian perspective on social media use, problematic and unnecessary. My Grandma as an example, she has on multiple occasions hit me with the “why would you want everyone to know what you’re doing all the time” or “you really want to photograph everything all the time” but for me this journal of my life on instagram where I can see all these amazing memories in one place is sometimes a sort of sanctuary. In context, when I’m having a bad day, or not even having a bad day but just feel like it, I go to this account and I look at all these great memories, photos and videos with my favourite people and can relive them then and there! It really makes you realise how great life is and how many cool things we have the opportunity to do and have done. That sounds slightly naff but it’s a great reminder to appreciate life and the people around you. 

The second reason I love my media is because, as an aspiring film director media is pretty necessary, again using the example of instagram, (WE LOVE IG), I have my film and photography account on there, not only does the platform allow me to be a consumer of media but it also allows me to be a producer. Particularly since moving to Amsterdam I have loved taking photographs of people here in amazing moments and sharing them online there. Instagram has an abundance of interesting and creative accounts where I can gain inspiration and enjoy other peoples work as well.

Bobby Smalley


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Website dedicated to the Media Life/Life in Media project of Mark Deuze, Professor of Media Studies, University of Amsterdam (The Netherlands).

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