Why I heart Media

I love media. I use it more as a friend for times that I want company. I use films to tell me perspectives and stories that I cannot experience or imagine. I use music to help me put my feelings onto words and rhythms. With this much closeness, I’ve made the media I use more intimate and more personal. With the help of films, I was able to go through dark times. Seeing different people that I will never meet go through their problems helped me zone out from my real life for 2 hours and not think about anything besides the characters’ conflicts in the movie. Even though my parents’ jobs are not even related to any form of media, I was raised with movies and music in my life. I was raised with a cinema culture. It was a weekly activity and I was always encouraged to see different films, different genres, and different cultures. I felt comfortable in a theatre, it felt right whenever I have something going on in my life regardless of it being good or bad. Films have special meanings for me both in how I was raised and in my own life as well. This type of media has allowed me to understand many questions I had about myself, about life and about other people, and how they can think. It also created a closer bond with my parents, as both of my parents are working parents, we would always separate times for going to the cinemas and to spend time together. So; I love media, I love what it has allowed me to experience, I love what it has given to me and what it has taught me.

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Website dedicated to the Media Life/Life in Media project of Mark Deuze, Professor of Media Studies, University of Amsterdam (The Netherlands).

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