why i <3 my media…

Thinking about this statement has made me realise I have a love-hate relationship with media. Despite the fact that I’ve only ever known a mediated society, and have no real idea of what life without media would look like – I find myself often wondering about it, especially seeing the effects media can have on us.

For obvious reasons, media are great and I like it. It allows you to keep in contact with people, become aware of the things happening in the world, expand your knowledge, pass time, keep traces of time passed – good times. Reading, watching, listening; it can make you feel so many different emotions, it can make you discover things about yourself, and connect with other people who feel the same.

Despite the latter reasons, I can’t help but dislike media as well. At the same time, media inevitably makes us waste a ton of time. It makes us live in our own worlds, on our devices. Or, it can makes us live in virtual worlds that don’t exist, and make us forget about the connections and relationships we have in the real world. Media can ruins relationships; create some based on lies; distract us, unwantedly intrude in intimate moments and so on.

I am the first to admit I am greedy with my media – I use it and depend on it a lot, even without realising. But that’s what makes me weary of it; the dependance I have developped, and for the reasons stated above.

I said I find myself wondering what living was like before media became a part of our lives. I want to know if I’d experience the same things differently, experience emotions differently, see the world differently. Nonetheless, I am happy to be a part of this mediated world, enjoy using media and feel privilidged to be able to do so…

….I mean, it’s only a subconcious love-hate relationship 😉

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