Why I Heart Media

Media plays a role as a megaphone in our society. Through the media people can deliver their own voice and become united, which can be considered as one of the benefits of the media.  When an issue pops up, people develop and share their own experiences and knowledge through the media, which ultimately leads the society to be healthy. That is why I love the media. 

I experienced the power of the media. I was not really into social problems or controversial issues when I was young. However, I started to have interest in the field while living in a Confucianism country as a woman. I have experienced many gender discriminations, but I could not realize what the problem is. Thanks to the development of technology, I have been able to share and learn various social concepts in the media and realize what should be changed. In other words, the media is one of the factors making me be enlightened about social issues including gender inequality and freedom. I would like to keep encouraging all women to have equal social powers via the media. 

Similarly, there is another representative example showing the power of the media. In 2020, video showing racial discrimination towards the black had been rapidly spreaded out through the media. As a campaign supporting racial equality, a lot of people put hashtag of #blacklivesmatter. I also joined the hashtag campaign to be against to racial discrimination. The power of the campaign was amazing. It was a great opportunity to let people think about what kinds of social issues contemporary people have and make them take action to solve such issues and to live in a healthy society. Again, it shows how the media’s power is influential. As a student of the media and information department, I would like to be involved in making the media continue to have positive effects on society. 

Student name: Lee Jumi

Student number: 13548727


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